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The Candle Trilogy published in “Untamed Gospel”

Martyn Percy, Dean of Christ Church College, Oxford writes, “It is good to be able to welcome and introduce the poetry of Jamie Coats in this anthology. Jamie is a layperson working for the Society of St John the Evangelist (SSJE) in the United States − an Anglican religious order of brothers. Jamie writes on […]

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The Dove

I fly and land where needed, Where Justice finds her heart hurting, And we hold the gods accountable, Opening eyes to her love, To the love of her, God.   A Prayer of Oblation (c)  Jamie Coats 24th July 2017    

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Faithful Betrayal – Holy Fire

First of the Trinity Mary God does not Rape Mary. If God had raped Mary Do you think we’d have her joy So magnificently described? God sends Gabriel. He appears as the most Gorgeous of men. She hugs him saying, “You are so beautiful.” Places her head on his chest, Looks up And tentatively They […]

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Unlit Betrayal

At the top Is the water source So pure The priest takes A bottle full Puts a stopper in In the valley The church of Bottled water Dispenses Drop by drop Meager blessings Wondering why The children Are missing Is it that they know Water falls In a cascade A torrent For everyone In the […]

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The Man in the Noon

I rode Pegasus all morn, Could have ridden all day, Instead at noon We gently come in to graze. Emma said the Lord of the Manor Will say unto you, “Work for me You’ll be fed from my dovecote Eggs and young fledglings that coo.” Emma taught me to reply, “You’ll not want me to […]

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How to explain to my daughter what it is like being hit by a bus while bike riding

The Jackal-Headed God Anubis Speaks to Alexandra “Dear Alexandra, how old are you?” “Nine.” “You want to train dogs?” “Yes” “That is good because humans don’t understand their dogs, wolves they have made their own,” said Anubis, the jackal-headed god of the Dead. “It is strange that humans are so blind to the responsibility they […]

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No Nothin’! GOD!

You’re a No Nothin’! baptize with fire water blood You’re a No Nothin’! brand you drown you rape you stab you You’re a No Nothin’! drag you out dress you up white sheet robed walk up, spit You’re a No Nothin’! plunge a knife into your chest blood ooze out now squirting red You’re a […]

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Glimpse of Light

A door slams, locking us in the dark. The handle spins uselessly in our grasp. We see a tiny cross-shaped eye hole, We catch a glimpse of light. Keep looking, light dissolves the door, We will step from darkness into light.

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Hit by a Bus Haiku

I am, roadside down Hit by a bus out biking, Tears, loving my child Jamie Coats     August 2009 On July 31, 2009 I was hit by a bus while bicycling to work. As I lay on the ground an apparition of my daughter appeared before me.

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Primo Levi

Primo Levi dared to face memories Most of us would bury. He looked into the face of Hell And brought it to the surface For all to see, once and for all. Wherever he looked Wherever he went He carried Satan’s image To warn us. He was brave enough to live with the Devil To […]

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