Lit Faithfulness

It’s simpler
Than you think

No mountains
To climb

No epiphanies
To have

No words
To preach

Just buy a box of

It does not matter
Who you meet

Or what they

Each has a candle of
Cherished dreams

Invite everyone
Out of the rain

Out of the wind
Out of the sun

Just enough shelter
To pause

Most will not

They’ll just
Brush you by

Too busy
Too harried

Too ambitious
Too broken

If they give you
The time of day

Ask “Where’s
Your candle?”

Your ask will restore

Eaten by rats
Long hidden


Ask who
Rains on them

Blows out their light
Glares too bright

Then give them
The box of matches

Let them
Strike the light

If needed
Cup your hands

Protect the wick
As they

Light the candle
Of their dreams

Let the flickering
Grow to flame

Now listen to them in
Their sacred space

Hear the tales of their
Cherished dreams

“Is it lit?”

At “yes”
You leave behind

Not thinking

The Candle Trilogy: Unlit Betrayal | Lit Faithfulness | Faithful Betrayal – Holy Fire

Theme for the Year

(c) Jamie Coats         February 2016

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  1. Posted February 20, 2016 at 9:56 am | Permalink

    I made my way over here from the Kenyon Beyond Walls site and am so glad I did! What a lovely vision; I may make it the meditation for my work this week.

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