Stations of the Christ – Vision 8: You, God Incarnate

I find myself walking into the Church of Our Saviour, on Marathon Street in Arlington for a wedding. The church is mainly filled with angels. I take a seat half way up the aisle on the left of the church. We are sitting. The angels are a bit agitated as it is not easy for them to sit down and lean back with their wondrous wings.

At the front of the church Jesus Christ and Justice appear. They indicate that I should stand in the aisle facing them, which I nervously do; I get up and stand in the aisle. They address me, “Where our will is we will take you. Put out your left hand and in it hold the balance and in your right hand hold the sword of striking love. Know that when the balance is balanced the sword is of perfect love but when it tips either way the sword can turn to steel or glass and cut as you move it in your sway. So balance you will maintain through daily prayer and through membership of a community, a community that will help you be accountable to us. And you will be witness to our marriage.”

I return to my pew and the service begins, the marriage of Justice and Christ. I look up the aisle of the church and I see the physical man Jesus Christ and physical woman Justice bodily embrace in physical love. The voice of a man, God as Father, God as presence and at the same time the voice of a woman, God as Mother, God as Void says, “You are blessed.” The angels’ voices rise in a hosanna, and their song spreads down the pews.

I see Justice and Christ standing at the altar, kissing and married.

The angels are flowing into the church from on high and burst out into the street, singing. The whole of Marathon Street is full of human well-wishers and angels intermingled. Jesus Christ holding the hand of Justice and Justice holding the hand of Jesus walk down the aisle and onto the steps of the Church. And the people in their heart know that at last Christianity is embodied in every point in the body with not a speck of shame. Everyone proclaims, “We celebrate Christ and Justice from our toes to our heads. We bow down before them and celebrate and hold their child, the child of every one of us. All around we dedicate our lives to God.”

I nervously ask myself, “Dare I write this? The unison voice of God rings sharply in my ear “Yes.” I reply, “Does this not cross the line?” The unison voice says, “Yes, it is the threshold to opening the doors so the sense of joy in marriage when the couple step onto the steps of the church into the street, where everybody can see whatever they believe, that moment of happiness is the new dawn for our Christianity. In the same spirit we celebrate our faith, our remembrance of Jesus and his God-human partnership fully embodied on earth and here fully united and consummated with sacred feminine Justice, no longer blindfolded, with eyes of great beauty.”

The unison voice of God now commands, “This is new remembrance. Escort Christ and Justice from the church to a new bed chamber, an everlasting relationship where it will not be “to death do us part” because death is already here and the Resurrection has arrived, it is entwining in eternity, always has been, always is and always will be but was never seen until now. You will look around and in every person you will see a mother and a father, you see in them Justice and Christ. You will say to yourself “This person in front of me, I know they are born of these two, Justice and Christ.”  Justice and Christ are indivisible in the One and held before the Beginning forever.”

Two donkeys have been prepared and are waiting. Jesus and Justice get on the donkeys and are led up to Marathon Street to Massachusetts Ave, (Mass Ave), the wide four lane wide road that is the main road through the town of Arlington. Thousands of people line the road and as the donkeys turn the corner onto Mass Avenue. People start cheering.

Suddenly there is an earthquake and the ground shakes and fear spreads across every one, everybody is stopped and there is complete silence as if everyone is holding their breadth. The whole earth shakes and the voice of the presence of God, the Father speaks, “If you can not imagine this then you do not understand that the fall was that man and woman, Adam and Eve were made one. In their separation one half claimed to be the whole that is the fall. You are all whole before God. You can all hold the pain of all the world but you break from me and sin as you do not believe that my love is stronger than all the pain and all the sin in the world.” And the female voice of God, the Virgin Void continues the sentence, “And you do not believe that I hold you always, that the beginning is in every person, is with you always.”

And male voice of God says, “Those of you disturbed at this image know this, if you believe that Christ is God and it is so, then the image of Christ at the altar with Justice is no different from that moment when the angel Gabriel, in the story you already have, came to talk to Mary the Mother of Jesus. If I, God the Father, with the power of the Holy Spirit in the story can sire with Mary then Jesus, embodied as man, can sire with Justice.”

And the unison voice of God speaks, “Let the angels line the roads with trumpets for the procession. Let the flowers reign down as Jesus Christ and Justice, God and God incarnate walk down our roads and look into each other’s eyes as equals. And know that you all are children of the man-God, woman-God, unison-God to every cell, and this is true for every being to every part of the planet.”

Then in middle of Mass Ave the wedding happens all over again. “I God the Father, the Presence of God, give my son Jesus in marriage to Justice.”  “I God the Mother, the Virgin Void, give my daughter Justice in marriage to Christ.” Together they say, “And know now who your true parents are, Christ and Justice and through their union at every level you are born free to worship God with your whole being from the tip of your toes to the top of your crown tingling in every moment in exaltation around.”

Then with a booming voice full of wrath we hear, “I God the Father ask you all “Do you believe that Jesus Christ is Man and God?” People nervously and quietly say, “Yes.” And then realize that they had better say it louder and with a sense of fear they shout, “Yes! Yes! Yes!” Then with a sonic booming voice, God the Father says, “Good! If God can be fully present in Man he can be fully present in Woman. Do you believe that this Woman Justice is fully Woman and fully God?”  People do not know what to say. God the Father says, “Do you believe that this Woman and this Man, a Son and Daughter of God holding hands as a man and wife will have a child, and will be your true parents?” At this point people have no idea what to say. This is so strange, so alien, and completely uncomfortable. God the Father is heard to chuckle and his voice says, “I do not know if I shall roar at you in fury at your lack of ability to believe but I give you one thing. To believe in what is handed down to you is not enough. You will let yourself let go and be imagined by God.”

The woman’s voice of God says,  “The Presence and the Void hold you. We hold you all.”

The unison voice of God says, “Beheld by the love of God, let go, fall back. We will imagine for you and you will merely have to live it.” People are nervous and do not know what to do.

A light from heaven shines down on Justice and Christ. They dismount and holding hands start to dance in the middle of the street. In between them an egg with a red cross appears and grows, then cracks and a light shines forth and everyone experiences the joy of a happy child within them.

Then they remount the donkeys that know what to do. The donkeys, feeling again like they are spring-born donkeys a month or two old they jump all four feet in the air in happiness with life. Christ and Justice hold on tight, laughing and the donkeys trot merrily up Mass Ave. A roar of joy goes up from the crowd.

And the unison voice of God smiling says, “Celebrate! Enjoy! Escort the couple who are the true parents of everyone to the place of the bedchamber where they will love one another from the tip of their toes to the top of their heads and they will have a child and that child will be you. Do not wait but prepare the world to welcome a child whose Father is Christ and Mother is Justice. Reorder your lives so that you stand proud at the time of birth.”

The donkeys trot up Mass Ave, close together so that Christ and Justice hold each other’s hands. They head to a house not owned by the church. Everyone cheers and parties.

That night is conceived a child, you.


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